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  • Do you get tired of players who can't find their bats or gloves when they need them to take a position?
  • Are you constantly picking up bats, helmets, and gloves, just so you can get in the dugout?
  • Do you prefer to Manager your team instead of Managing the Dugout?


  • Are you frustrated that your child's expensive bat, glove, and custom helmet get thrown and kicked around in the dugout?
  • After the game are you searching for your son's or daughter's equipment that was mixed with all the others... then to find out someone else took it by accident?
  • You may not get your player to clean their room but with the Designated Hanger or the Pocket DH is all it takes to go from catastrophe to game ready in a snap.

The Designated Hanger is the original patented individual sports equipment dugout organizer accessory that was designed by a coach to clean up the dugout. We have been making the Designated Hanger for over 10 years.

With the new trend of the back pack style of sports equipment bags. Players struggle to find enough room to carry all of the required personal sports gear to the game. Now the New Pocket Designated Hanger is the smallest Personal dugout manager, organizer on the market. Starting with the Designated Hangers patented design. The Pocket DH folds to very small compact unit that is smaller than most Smart phones. The Pocket DH The Designated Hanger is a great dugout organizer. It’s a patented idea that makes sense and encourages team players to look and act professional. It reduces the number of totes and bags coaching staffs have to carry to and from the field.

These days, players have their own helmet, glove, bat, batting gloves, along with other items they carry in their bat bags.  Now you can add the designated hanger to each player's equipment bag. The Designated Hanger and Pocket DH are compact, lightweight portable and easy to use sport equipment dugout holder organizer ends dugout disorder and disarray. With the Designated Hanger at 9 ounces and the Pocket DH at only 6 ounces will not load the player down.   No big dugout managers to carry. No more community Bag of bats to carry. Your players now have a place to stow the equipment in a neat orderly fashion and can find it at a moment’s notice. You can also set the batting order with the Designated Hanger. Only the items needed to play are kept in the dugout.

Unlike other dugout equipment organizer holders, The Designated Hanger and Pocket DH hold more than just the helmet or bat so everything is available at a moment's notice. Catchers can also hang their Catchers equipment on the Designated hanger or the Pocket DH. Dugouts are safe, calm and relaxed. With organized gear in the dugout, injuries are unheard of, with a professional appearance making for a more fun day. Pays for itself - in the savings of replacing lost or broken equipment.

Each player's gear stores neatly on the fence for quick and easy access. Available in 6 team colors to suit individual or team preference. The Designated Hanger and now the Pocket DH are the first choice the choice and solution for both the travel club teams, Little leagues and the individual player in recreational ball.

Protect that bat!! I can't tell you how many times I cringe when I see $300.00+ bats leaned up against the fence so some player can kick them when coming off the field. Most bat companies will tell you that a good bat will last from 1-2 seasons depending on the usage. Why risk the chance that your bat will be disqualified by the umpire from the ding that occurred when your bat was mishandled in the dugout. The Designated Hanger will hold the bat in a safe, out-of-the-way manner with easy accessibility. Keep your helmet and Glove off of the ground.

  • Made of steel for strength
  • Powder coated for a durable, weather-resistant finish
  • Protect your investment
  • Available  in six team colors:
  • Scarlet, White, Royal, Black, Green, Navy
  • Holds bat, helmet, glove, and other items
  • Hangs the catchers gear too
  • Lightweight at 6 and 9 ounces
  • Space saving design, smart and smaller than your cell phone!
  • Player numbers included
  • Made in the U.S.A!

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